EMBASSY CONSULTING is South Africa’s leading specialist management consulting company. We provide a professional service of high standards, meeting the exact requirements of our most sophisticated clients, yet our services are affordable and accessible to even our most modest customers. Our Clients receive a superior range of quality products and services. Our vast experience, coupled with a global presence, yields a unique market awareness which will serve your firm well.

Since inception, Embassy Consulting has a deep history of trusted experience with leaders and organisations across transport, resources, financial services and energy industries, in both the public and private sector. We thrive off understanding your complex business issues and challenges and encourage you to not only see who we are, but how we can achieve astounding results through our mix of contextual, cultural and emotional intelligence. We measure our success on the solid performance of our clients, our impact on the broader society and the growth opportunities we provide our people.

We are able to provide clients with advanced research, analysis, reporting and access to insights on their industries, market segments, competitors, new innovations and benchmarking amongst others at a global, macro and elementary level. With extensive knowledge on our surrounding environment, we have the ability to drive a deeper impact, both on the business and the society in which we function.

Our service and products, combined with our clients’ requirements, demonstrate our capacity, capability and commitment to ensuring full compliance with whatever legislation is relevant to and could affect our clients.


Embassy Consulting is a mid-sized consultancy, which enables us to work on both large and medium sized projects. Key to this is our ability to customise solutions and focus on delivering great impact with small to medium sized teams.

Carefully selected

Whether an employee, contractor or partner, each individual is carefully selected before being invited to join us. We are well-known for our extensive and sometimes lengthy selection process, during which applicants are tested for both capability and fit.

Competent and committed

The result has been a close-knit group of highly qualified, experienced, and competent people – team players who are deeply committed to client service. The range of experience and deep expertise enables us to tailor solutions and support our clients in developing pragmatic approaches to implementing and realizing aspirations or goals.


Striving to provide service excellence to our clients by the rendering of an “all-in-one” service package.


As a service provider to the South African corporate market it is a prerequisite to Embassy Consulting (Pty) Ltd and its employees to abide to a strict ethical code of conduct.


Embassy Consulting has extensive experience across all industries. Our highly customized teams bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other industries on the challenge at stake, to offer our clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights. Our mission is to help our clients set new standards of excellence in their industries, not follow the pack with off-the-shelf solutions.

– To operate, at all times, with integrity and respect.
– To treat our clients and employees as we ourselves would like to be treated.
– Recognise and reward work well done.
– We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind

– To conduct its business beyond reproach in its efforts to render superior security services to its clients.
– To be transparent in its dealing with clients and employees.
– To honour Moral Obligations.
– To accept accountability for the actions and decisions of its employees.
– To conduct its business with integrity and credibility.