As a mid-tier consultancy, our focus is on supporting our clients to deliver sustainable business performance, by developing customised solutions that fit their operating environment and can be implemented. It is the ability and experience in truly partnering with our clients to develop these solutions, with them and other providers that often has created a reputation for being an implementation partner.

Our senior and experienced consultants are selected based on their deep expertise, broad range of practical experience and exposure to different methodologies and operating environments. This capability enables true customisation and the ability to adapt or augment what exists to ensure it works for our clients and the realities they face.

We are continually engaged in developing our Centres of Excellence, by exposing our team to leading practice and actively bringing in new skills that augment our existing capability. Often these skills are developed and brought in to support our clients as they evolve and face new challenges and opportunities. We believe this continuous learning and development of our skills and approach is fundamental to providing our clients with the insights, and capabilities that can enable them to continue to perform sustainably.

Other services we offer includes; company incorporation, corporate bank account opening, relocation and migration, property investment advice, and search engine marketing.



If you are thinking of starting a new business or relocating your existing business then we are set up to support you. We provide professional service…

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Embassy Consulting offers a variety of business management services. Our services are available as a comprehensive package depending on your needs.

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We offer our clients innovative and practical advice on how to streamline their operations. Effective business is not just about people and operations but also about the processes and technology bringing them together. 

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Embassy Consulting works closely with clients to develop robust corporate and business unit strategies while building alignment across the organization. 

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